Who we are

Welcome to Bangkok and Beyond Co., Ltd., your premier destination for high-quality, budget-friendly tyres manufactured in Thailand and China. We’re more than just a tyre company; we’re your unwavering partner on every road you traverse. Let us introduce ourselves, unveil our mission, and demonstrate our steadfast commitment to serving your tyre needs.

Our Journey

Established in the United Kingdom, Bangkok and Beyond Co., Ltd. was born from a shared passion for exceptional tyres and a vision to make them accessible to everyone. As our journey unfolded, we expanded our horizons, venturing beyond borders to set up operations in Thailand and China, where we proudly manufacture high-quality, budget-friendly tyres of uncompromising quality. We’re dedicated to serving various sectors, including:

Truck and Bus Tyres: For fleet owners and operators, our TBR tyres offer a cost-effective solution without compromising on safety and performance.

Off-the-Road (OTR) Tyres: Designed to tackle rugged terrains and demanding conditions, our OTR tyres provide robust performance for industrial and construction needs.

Our story is one of tenacity, innovation, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence. At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to redefine the tyre-buying experience. Whether you’re a business owner seeking a cost-effective fleet upgrade, an everyday driver in search of affordability, or an adventurer longing for rugged performance, you’ve found a dependable ally in Bangkok and Beyond Co., Ltd.


At Bangkok and Beyond Co., Ltd., our mission is to revolutionize the tyre industry by providing cost-conscious individuals and businesses with access to high-quality, affordable tyres, meticulously manufactured in Thailand and China. We are committed to enhancing road safety, sustainability, and the overall driving experience for our valued customers, all while maintaining unwavering dedication to excellence in every aspect of our operations.


Our vision at Bangkok and Beyond Co., Ltd. is to be a global leader in delivering affordable, high-quality tyres manufactured in Thailand and China. We aspire to set new industry standards, redefining the tyre-buying experience for individuals and businesses worldwide. Our unwavering commitment to road safety, environmental responsibility, and customer satisfaction drives us to continually innovate, expand our reach, and contribute to a sustainable and safer driving future for all. 


At Bangkok and Beyond Co., Ltd., our core values guide every aspect of our business. We’re dedicated to delivering unwavering quality and reliability in every Blemished/B-Grade tyre, ensuring safety and performance. Our commitment to affordability means all can access superior tyres. Sustainability is paramount, with eco-friendly practices reducing waste and our carbon footprint. Expert guidance is our priority, serving our customers with a customer-centric approach. We foster innovation to enhance affordability, quality, and sustainability in our tyres from Thailand and China, redefining the tyre-buying experience.